Roof Rent Program

We lease roof and ground space for solar installations

Create a new revenue stream for your commercial property. We offer property owners monthly rent for unused roof and ground space.

Harness The Clean Solar Power, Reduce Your Bills and Benefit From Green Electricity

solar roof


Do you own your own house or a portfolio of residential properties? create a new revenue stream by renting out your roof space to Real Power.

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Own a portfolio of commercial properties? Office blocks have huge amounts of roof space that is not utilised. talk to us today about leasing your roof space. 

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Land Owners

Own land that is not being used? you can lease it to Real Power to turn that dead land into income. To find out more click below and get in touch.

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100’s of people and businesses have already got in touch

Leasing your roof space is easier than you think. making money from unused roof space by leasing it to Real Power could not be simple. Get in touch today to create additional revenue. 

Features to take your portfolio to the next level


Improve your property valuations

Solar instantly improves your property valuations. This is because appraisers know, lower energy costs translate into real market value.


Create additional ROI

Think of us as a new tenant. We pay rent for your property’s unused assets, increasing cash flow, and ultimately increasing your net operating income.


Enjoy stable electricity prices

Did you know? Electricity services for the commercial sector have experienced drastic increases over the past few years. Say goodbye to uncertainty, hello to stable electricity prices.


Support your green initiatives

Whether you’re just starting or have a list of internal sustainability goals, solar can support your path to better business practices.


Free solar system monitoring

Our team of licensed engineers ensures every solar system is up and running properly 24/7.


Free solar system maintenance

Enjoy peace of mind. We do everything we can to make sure you’re running at optimal performance. We will make any necessary repairs at no cost.


Read what our happy and satisfied customer say about us

Extra Revenue!

I own a property portfolio so rely on rental income from my properties, I had no idea I could rent out the roof of my properties to bring in even more revenue. My tenants have had no issues and the panels were installed quickly and easily. I cannot recommend Real Power enough.

Karen White


More income and helping the climate! 

As a business owner I am aware of the need to cut costs, increase income and improve ROI. by renting out my roof space I am able to do all three. It is also nice to know that I am able to help provide renewable energy to be used locally. 

Tom McCann