About Us

Real Power is a part of the Real Big Group. With 14 offices and nearly 150 employees, we utilise the latest technology to provide the best service to our customers whilst retaining the local touch. 

As a part of the wider group Real Power, believe in the need for clean, green and renewable energy. We want to make use of empty free space by renting it from the owners, whether that is land, commercial property roofing or residential property roofing.


How it works

As solar technology has improved, the amount of energy we can generate from solar panels has increased exponentially. By tapping into this power source and supplying this energy to the national grid we reduce the UK’s reliance on non-renewable energy sources.

Our business model benefits not only the environment, by leasing your free roof or land space you will be generating a rental income that you otherwise would not receive whilst also doing your part in helping to ease climate change. 

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Making Better Energy

Our team of licensed engineers ensures every solar system is up and running properly 24/7.


Clean and Happy Energy

With Real Power, you can now say goodbye to uncertainty, hello to stable electricity prices.