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About Real Power

Real Power provides all-inclusive renewable energy system installation for clients across the UK. We provide solar panel installation, solar battery storage installation and heat pump installation services.

Get in touch with us today for a personalised quote for incorporating renewable energy solutions, either by retro-fitting and self-building.

We are committed to providing our clients with environmentally-friendly energy solutions using renewable energy sources. We are advocates for sustainability, which is why the systems we install are built to stand the test of time, as well as to benefit our clients financially.

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Solar panels have a huge number of benefits. Firstly, they utilise a renewable energy source, and can be used to provide off-grid energy. As a result, household energy bills are significantly reduced and the household can benefit from an environmentally-friendly energy solution no matter the time of day. Solar panels are easy to install and maintain, and surplus energy can even be sold back to the grid to provide an income source.

Get in touch with Real power for a personalised quote for your solar panel installation.

Real Power has experience installing a wide variety of different heat pumps, from ground source and water source heat pumps to air source heat pump systems. Installation is made quick and easy by our experienced team.

Some of the advantages of heat pumps include the low running costs and low maintenance nature of the system, and the government incentives to help with the cost and the durability of the system. Many types of heat pumps are versatile and can be used for space cooling in addition to heating. The absence of gas or oil on the premises means the heating system is much safer, in addition to being more environmentally-friendly.

storage batteries

Solar battery energy storage systems allow surplus solar energy generated by your solar panels to be stored and used later. Real Power can recommend and install a great, long-lasting solar battery system in your property so that you can use solar energy to power your home in the evening and at night.

With energy storage, no energy is wasted and therefore our clients get the most value for money. It means that energy is more readily available during times of lower electricity generation, and you have the potential to generate additional income by selling the surplus energy back to the grid.

Want to know more about an all-inclusive home energy system using renewable energy? Get in touch with Real Power for a personalised quote to install a heat pump, solar panels and solar battery storage in your home.

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