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Advantages of solar battery storage

Solar batteries are not compulsory but are an important part of a Photovoltaic system. Once connected to your solar panels, they help you take full advantage of the energy produced by them. Below are some benefits you will get from your solar battery storage system. 

  1. Stores extra power

Solar panels often produce more energy than you really require for daily use. Their power generation is incredibly high on sunny days. In the absence of any solar battery storage, all the surplus power is fed to the main grid. 

Participation in a net metering program allows you to earn credits for the power sent to the grid. However, the ratio of credits you earn to the power you generate is not 1:1.  

When your solar panels are connected to a storage system, the surplus power charges the batteries. This power later powers your houses or commercial buildings when solar panels cannot generate enough power during low sunlight and cloudy conditions. 

  1. Reduces reliance on grid power

When you have sufficient power stored in batteries, your reliance on grid power reduces considerably. Solar battery storage especially benefits people living in areas with frequent and prolonged power outages and unstable grid power. 

Even when the grid power is down, battery power still keeps your house’s key aspects working. As a result, you don’t only get relief during power outages, but your dependence on grid power reduces too. 

  1. Saves environment

Electricity produced by coal and other fossil fuels is a death sentence for the environment, whereas solar energy is completely eco-friendly. 

Using energy generated by solar panels in houses and commercial settings means playing a substantial part in saving the environment. 

Adding solar storage batteries to your PV systems means increasing the use of green energy to the maximum and reducing your carbon footprints even more. 

The absence of storage batteries means relying on unclean grid power when solar panels cannot produce energy, especially at night. 

So anyone who wants to keep their carbon footprints to the minimum and reduce pollution must install storage battery systems with their solar panels. 

  1. Decreases electricity bills

The per-unit cost of power coming from the grid is often remarkably high. The presence of solar storage batteries helps reduce reliance on expensive grid power. As your reliance on solar power increases, the need for grid power automatically reduces. Less solar power means less payment to electricity retailers and a reduction in other associated costs and electricity bills

  1. Provides noiseless power backup

Compared to generators and other power generation systems, solar power systems bolstered by storage batteries provide noise power backup. Neither you nor your neighbours will be bothered by your power generation system. This can be a cost-effective, noiseless, and safer upgrade for someone relying on noisy generators for power backup. 


Solar panel systems have revolutionised the domestic and commercial backup power landscape. Solar, a source of cheap green energy, has tremendous economic and environmental benefits.  The presence of a solar storage system further increases your PV system’s effectiveness, in some cases completely reducing your reliance on costly grid power. 

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