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Air Source Heat Pump

What is an Air Source Heat Pump?

Air source heat pumps convert energy from the air into electricity to be used for heating the space or water in a home. Heat from the air is absorbed into refrigerant fluid and extracted through a compressor. A heat exchanger then transfers the heat to different parts of the property.

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What Types of Air Source Heat Pumps are Available?

There are two types of air source heat pumps, air-to-air heat pumps and air-to-water heat pumps. Air-to-air heat pumps only provide space heating which means they are generally less expensive and are quicker to install. Air-to-water heat pumps provide both space and water heating, and your current heating system may need to be upgraded in order to install one.


There are many different types of air source heat pumps, and so it can be difficult to estimate the cost of air source heat pump installation.

Air-to-water heat pumps typically cost between £7600 and £17,000, while air-to-air heat pumps typically cost between £1400 and £3300. Installation itself will cost between £1900 and £3800, depending on the size of your property, your current heating system and whether you need a new heating system installed.

All above pricing is subject to price fluctuations and therefore we recommend that you contact Real
Power directly for a personalised quote.

You do not need planning permission for an air source heat pump in England and Scotland, but you may do in Wales and Northern Ireland. With the exception of listed buildings, properties in conservation areas, and properties on world heritage sites, air source heat pumps fall within permitted development.

This change was legislated in parliament in late 2011 in a bid to make it more attractive for people to install renewable energy sources in their homes. Get in contact with a qualified member of the Real Power team for more information.

Both air-to-air heat pumps and air-to-water heat pumps can be installed in one day. However, while air-to-air heat pumps are compatible with any conventional heating system, air-to-water heat pump installation may require the homeowner to upgrade the existing radiators or underfloor heating system, which will add to the cost and duration of the installation.

The efficiency of an air source heat pump will depend on which one you install, but in general they are very efficient. The current energy efficiency of your home, i.e., how well insulated it is, and the amount of energy your home requires will have an impact on how efficient your air source heat pump is and how much money you save on energy bills as a result.

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