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Air-to-Air Heat Pumps

Air-to-Air Heat Pumps

Air-to-air heat pump systems extract heat from outside air and use it to heat a house. They can also be used to cool a home, which makes them versatile systems. While more efficient in warmer climates, they are still effective in countries like the UK where the outside temperature is cooler.

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Air-to-air heat pumps cost between £1500 and £2850, depending on the size of the property and
desired heating usage. The current energy efficiency of the property will also have an impact on how
much the air-to-air heat pump costs to run. Installation costs are generally much lower than air-to-
water heat pump installation because the current heating system won’t need adjusting.

All above pricing is subject to price fluctuations and therefore we recommend that you contact Real
Power directly for a personalised quote.

At the time of writing, if you live in England or Scotland, you do not need planning permission to install an air-to-air heat pump as it falls under permitted development. However, this is not the case if you live in a listed building, conservation area or world heritage site.

If you live in Wales or Northern Ireland then you will need to speak to your local authority to determine whether you need to apply for planning permission.

There are various guidelines to adhere to in order for your air-to-air heat pump to fall under permitted development. If you are unsure whether your heat pump installation will require planning permission contact Real Power to speak to an expert.

Air-to-air heat pumps are very quick to install because they only require a hole in the wall of your property, and are compatible with any existing conventional heating system. They can typically be installed and set up in just one day.

The efficiency and running costs of air-to-air heat pumps are very dependent on the current energy
efficiency of your home, how often the heat pump will be used, the current climate and the size of
the property being heating.

The higher the outside temperature, the higher the efficiency of the heat pump. Most air-to-air heat
pumps will still work at temperatures as low as -15°C, however a different type of heat pump may be
more suitable in this case.

The bigger the heat pump system, the noisier it will be. Due to the fact that these systems can be loud, they are usually installed some distance from the property or neighbouring properties. The noise produced by an air-to-air heat pump will depend on the brand and size of the system.

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