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Air-to-Water Heat Pumps

What is an Air-to-Water Heat Pump?

Air-to-water heat pump systems capture heat from the outside air and transfer them to a water system to be used for space and water heating in the home. They work most efficiently in mild to warm climates, but do work in colder climates too.

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The installation cost of air-to-water heat pumps depend on the household usage of heating, how efficient the property with regards to insulation, and the size of the property.

An air-to-water heat pump can cost between £7600 and £17,000. The running costs will also vary depending on the heating usage, but overall savings start from around £300 for a typical two- bedroom property.

All above pricing is subject to price fluctuations and therefore we recommend that you contact Real Power directly for a personalised quote.

If you live in England or Scotland, you do not need planning permission to install an air-to-water heat pump as it falls under permitted development. However, there are certain exceptions to this:

  • Residents of Wales or Northern Ireland will need to speak to your local authority to
    determine whether they need to apply for planning permission.
  • You may need planning permission if you want to install an air-to-water heat pump in a
    listed building, conservation area or world heritage site.
  • The volume of the air-to-water heat pump outdoor compressor unit must not exceed 0.6m³.
  • The heat pump must be at least one metre away from the edge of the property.

If you want more information about air-to-water heat pump installation then contact Real Power to speak to an expert.

The installation of an air-to-water heat pump can be very quick, typically taking just one day. However, unlike air-to-air heat pumps, you may need to factor in the time and cost of replacing existing radiators or underfloor heating system if they are not compatible.

Air-to-water heat pumps are one of the most efficient types of heat pump available, but heat pump efficiency does depend on factors such as the size of the property, the energy efficiency of the property and the household heating usage.

Air-to-water heat pumps can be made more efficient by ensuring that they are properly maintained. This means that the system is kept free of debris, the filter is cleaned often and that the system is regularly checked for leaks.

Air-to-water heat pumps can be noisy, depending on the brand and size of the system; larger systems are noisier than smaller systems. Heat pumps are usually placed at least one metre away from a property for this reason.

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