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Reduce electricity bills with solar battery storage 

The use of electricity has become a reality for every household. Look around, and you will not find much that does not run on electricity. From washing machines to electric kettles to yoghurt makers, everything needs electricity. 

Electricity has brought convenience and sped up processes in our lives. However, mounting electricity bills have become a reality too.

Exorbitant electricity bills tire every household. Their Incremental increase disturbs the budget every month, often making it unmanageable and causing undue stress.

Increasing monthly energy bills have encouraged households to favour solar energy, which is completely eco-friendly. At the same time, it is very cost-effective. Therefore, installing solar panels with battery storage is the most effective way to reduce electricity bills. 

Below are some ways solar panels with battery storage help reduce electricity bills. 

Generate and store low-cost on-site energy

The rates for grid power are constantly fluctuating, often following an upward trajectory. In contrast, the energy produced by the sun is stable and cheap. It helps you generate low-cost on-site energy. 

Installing solar battery storage helps you store the surplus energy and use it when your solar panels are not producing enough electricity after sundown and on rainy and cloudy days. 

Solar battery storage will stop using expensive electricity from the grid, as it will have enough stored energy to meet your needs at all times

Use cheap energy to charge the energy storage system 

Affiliation with a time-of-use tariffs plan also helps you reduce electricity costs. You can charge your solar batteries when your power company offers the cheapest rate. Take the example of Octopus Energy which has many energy plans. 

Octopus-go provides four hours of the cheapest electricity every night (between 00.30 and 4.30 am). The per unit cost of electricity during this time is 12p / kWh, which is approximately four times cheaper than the regular rate. This plan is designed for EV vehicle users who can charge their batteries at night and save fuel costs. 

Octopus energy also has another plan named Agile Octopus. This plan is designed for household users who can transfer their energy use to outside peak hours. This plan can help you charge solar batteries after peak hours by accessing energy offered at cheap rates. 

Apart from reduced energy costs, another perk of going with Octopus energy is that they provide green energy. As a result, your carbon footprints remain low. 

Use stored power during peak hours

Using grid power during hours when the electricity demand is high is the biggest reason for high electricity bills. The per-unit rate of electricity is highest during this time. 

One way to reduce electricity bills is by using stored battery power during peak hours (7 am to 11 am and 5 pm to 9 pm) and grid power during off-peak hours when the power companies are charging the lowest tariffs of the day. This way, your reliance on costly grid power during peak hours reduces, and so does your electricity bill. 


Installing solar panels with battery storage can help you reduce electricity bills by reducing the use of costly electricity from grid power and taking advantage of economic energy plans offered by power supply companies. You can charge solar batteries outside peak hours and use the stored energy when electricity tariffs are high. 

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