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Solar Panels

solar panels

What Are Solar Panels?

Solar panels, also known as ‘photovoltaic’ panels, consist of layers of a semi-conducting material that convert energy from the sun into electricity. Solar panels can be used to power buildings and equipment using a renewable energy source.
The very first solar cell was invented in 1893 after the discovery of the ‘photovoltaic effect’, but solar panels themselves didn’t make it into mainstream use until they were used to power a new generation of calculator in the 1970s.

How Do Solar Panels Work?

Solar panels, made from semi-conducting materials such as silicon, phosphorous and boron, absorb photons, the ‘particles of energy’ from the sun. When the photons strike the surface of the solar panel, electrons in the semi-conducting material are knocked out of their atomic orbits, and pulled into a directional current by the electric field.
This DC current makes it way to battery storage and then to an inverter, where it is converted into AC current, making it suitable for use as a green energy source in homes and commercial buildings.

The Advantages of Solar Energy

The main advantages of solar energy are that they utilise a renewable energy source, can be used to provide off-grid energy, and result in cheaper, if not free, household energy bills.

solar panel

Off-Grid Use

One of the main advantages of solar energy is their ability to provide a completely ‘off-grid’ green energy source. Depending on where you live, this can save a huge amount of money, because buildings with a solar energy system don’t need to be connected up to the main grid. This means no need to pay for hugely expensive utility poles and cabling to your property.

energy bill

Cheap Energy Bills

Although there is an initial solar panel installation cost, the long-term savings can be huge. If the solar cells provide all of the energy required for your home, then your energy bills are essentially reduced to nothing.
Even if your energy is supplemented by the main grid, your energy bills will be significantly reduced with the addition of a solar energy system. If your solar energy system creates more energy than you require, you may even be able to sell it to the national grid.

solar panel

A Renewable Energy Source

Fossil fuels are the UK’s main source of energy, and they are non-renewable; they will run out at some point in the future. Solar energy is a renewable energy source: energy from the sun will always be present. This means that a solar energy system is significantly more sustainable in the long term, and far fewer greenhouse gases are released into the atmosphere in the process of providing energy to your home.

solar panel

Low-Maintenance Green Energy

Solar panels, once installed, are low maintenance. Great quality panels such as the ones available from Real Power will last up to 30 years with minimal maintenance required.

The Cost of Solar Panel Installation

A 4kW solar panel system is the most common size of system, and costs between £5700 and £7600, using 16 panels. Solar panel installation costs about 19p per watt of energy, or £760 for a 4kW system.
A 3kW solar panel system costs between £4750 and £5700, and will use 12 panels. A 5kW system will cost between £6650 and £8550, and a 6kW system will cost between £7600 and £9500.
The more green energy the system can generate, the higher the installation cost, but the greater percentage reduction in household energy bills.
All above pricing is subject to price fluctuations and therefore we recommend that you contact Real Power directly for a personalised quote.

solar panel
solar panel

Do Solar Panels Save Money?

In the long-term, yes. The amount of money you save on household energy bills is one of the main advantages of solar energy. The amount saved will depend on your household electricity consumption, your use of appliances during the day, and the quality and efficiency of the solar panels installed. Typically, a household with a 4kW solar energy system can expect to save upwards of £9000 annually, and these savings increase with the size of the system.

All above pricing is subject to price fluctuations and therefore we recommend that you contact Real Power directly for a personalised quote.

solar panels

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