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Solar Battery Storage

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What is Solar Battery Storage?

Solar battery systems are designed to store surplus solar energy from your solar panels to be used later. This is particularly useful because it means that renewable energy can still be used to power your home in the evening and at night, despite the fact that solar panels provide the most electricity during the day when the sun is shining.
Most energy storage batteries are lithium-ion batteries, like the ones you get in mobile phones and electric cars. This type of battery is lighter, more durable, and can store more energy per kg than lead-acid batteries. However, they are more expensive as a result.
Want to know if you’re making the most of your solar energy system? Contact Real Power for more information about how solar battery storage can be used to maximise the output of your solar panels. We also install high quality solar panels for our clients. If you’re interested in talking to one of the team about solar panel installation then get in touch today.



Modular & Scalable Battery: Each 6.86 kWh battery up to 3 units scalable

SAMSUNG SDI Battery Cell

Sleek & Durable: Metallic Silver Cover


High-performance Inverter: 4.6 kW Hybrid or AC-Coupled Enhanced

Warranty: 15 years Warranty

For Web Enable Network Connectivity Wi-Fi / Lan

Is Solar Battery Storage Cost-Effective?

The cost-effectiveness of solar battery storage depends on the type, size and quality of the battery, how often the battery needs replacing, and what the household energy usage is like. 

Our solar battery storage comes with an industry leading 15 years Samsung/QCells warranty.

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Lifespan Of Battery

• Other shorter-lifespan battery may need replacing three times throughout the lifetime of the solar panels, costing between £5700 and £17,100, depending on the storage capacity of the battery. • QCells batteries share a liftspan to that of a solar panel, over 15 years.
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In general, solar batteries are cost effective if:

• They are good quality, lithium-ion batteries • The household uses most of their energy during the evenings and at night, when the solar panels don’t generate as much electricity • They reduce (or eliminate) energy bills • They result in the property being powered independently from the grid • They allow excess renewable energy to be sold to the grid to generate income (not all energy suppliers allow this)

If you aren’t sure whether a solar battery is the right solution for you, get in touch with a member of the Real Power team to discuss your options.

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