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The Advantages of Solar Energy

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The Advantages of Solar Energy

Solar panel installation is an investment, and at Real Power we want to ensure that its an investment that pays off for our customers. The main advantages of solar energy are that it is a renewable source, is low maintenance and allows people to have independence from the grid. On top of this, it significantly reduces energy bills and even has the potential to generate income.
Thinking about solar panel installation for your property? Get in touch with Real Power today for more information about renewable energy and how it can benefit you.

What Are the Advantages of Solar Energy?

Solar energy is renewable and low maintenance. It results in cheaper energy bills, less reliance on the grid and even has the potential to generate income for you.

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A Renewable Energy Source

Solar energy is a renewable energy source. This means that it won’t run out at some point in the future, unlike non-renewable energy sources such as coal, gas, oil and nuclear power.
The fact that solar energy is renewable means that any investments in infrastructure have the potential to be used for a very long time. Currently, solar panels last up to 30 years if properly maintained. Solar batteries last up to 15 years, but battery technology is ever-improving.

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More Affordable Energy Bills

If your property is fully or partially powered by solar energy, you won’t need to pay for as much electricity produced by the grid. This means that your energy bills can effectively be reduced to zero, depending on how much energy you are able to convert and store.

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Less Reliance on the Grid

Our customers also benefit from the reduced reliance on the grid as a result of their solar panels. If you’re building a new property, it can be expensive to pay for it to be connected up to mains electricity. Solar panels offer a better way of doing this that doesn’t involve pylons and cabling and is therefore much less disruptive.

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Potential for Income Generation

In addition to reduced energy bills, there is a potential to generate income from your solar panels by selling the surplus generated electricity to the grid. While this is dependent on how much energy you are able to generate, it is a fantastic bonus.

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Low Maintenance

The solar panels installed by Real Power are of great quality, and as such they can last for a very long time. Solar panels need to be kept free of dirt in order to maximise the solar energy that they can capture, and this can usually be done by hosing them down with water or wiping them with a biodegradable soap solution and a non-abrasive cloth.
The frequency of cleaning needed will depend on the solar panel manufacturer; Real Power can give you a maintenance estimate when we provide you with a personalised quote for solar panel installation.

Want to know more about the advantages of solar energy for your property? Get in touch with Real Power today for a discussion about how solar panels can reduce your energy bills, provide your home with a renewable source of energy and even generate income for you.

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