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What is Ofgem’s ‘Electric Vehicle Smart Charging Action Plan’?

We all know that government documentation can be over complicated and needlessly long. We have taken the time to understand and distil this down for those who don’t have the time to read a 30 page document. 

It is great news that the government is actively working to ensure that owning and running an electric vehicle is as cost effective and environmentally friendly as can be. We at Real Power want to be a part of that journey in helping all UK residents source renewal Solar or Water Pump energy and store that energy in Battery’s so that it can be accessed at the best time for the customer. 

The use of electric vehicles (EVs) is becoming more common in the UK, and in 2022, one in six new vehicles sold will be electric. The UK government has a plan in place to make sure that the necessary charging infrastructure is available to support this increase in EV use. This plan includes the integration of “smart charging” which allows for efficient use of energy and reduces costs for both the consumer and the electricity system. Most EV charging is done overnight at home, and this smart charging can be adjusted to use energy during off-peak hours or when renewable energy is abundant. This helps to minimize costs for building new energy infrastructure and lowers carbon emissions. The government is working to remove barriers to the development of a competitive smart charging market. The goal is for smart charging to be widely available and for it to be the norm for EV drivers. Information and advice will be easily accessible to help drivers make informed decisions about charging their EVs.’

Of course, if you want to read the whole doc we have attached it here

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